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Our Company
We designed GoldenThread as a tool to communicate image quality standards within the digital archiving industry.


ISA Associates

ISA Associates Capabilities
Our image scientists and engineers have developed their skills over many years working for such companies as Kodak, and Xerox Corporation, and such government institutions as the Library of Congress, the National Archives and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Research and Development
Our company leverages over 80 years of research experience in the field of image science, ranging from practical, applied solutions to high-level algorithms. Areas of expertise include: image structure (sharpness, noise, banding, etc.) and color (Delta E 2000). Our members have written industry standards and participated in numerous standards committees. We have extensive experience in fields such as medical imaging, microfilm digitization devices, commercial printing (inkjet, thermal, AgX), flatbed scanning devices, film capture, digital film writers and digital cameras.

We employ a diverse group of programmers with extensive experience in writing imaging analysis software. Programming language expertise includes LabVIEW, Matlab and C++. We take pride in our ability to provide software solutions that are technically powerful and sophisticated, yet easy to use and deployable to a production environment. We interface seamlessly to Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Access to enhance the power and usefulness of our programs.

Our engineering staff has designed test systems for technologies as diverse as silver halide film, dye sublimation (thermal) printing, and digital capture devices (CMOS and CCD). In addition to the design and manufacture of test targets, we employ Computer Aided Design (CAD) techniques throughout the process, from components to complete systems. Statistical methods such as Test Capability Index (TCI) are used to ensure precise and accurate measurements.

Consulting & Custom Projects
Consulting & Custom Projects
Our products are designed to provide the best system for the highest number of customers. When extra attention is required, we can provide on-site or remote assistance. We are always interested in unique image applications that require custom targets and analysis.

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