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Standard Format Film Targets

Standard Format Film Targets

Price: $1,355.00

Choose Size:
Standard 35mm ($1,355)
6 cm ($1,355)
4 x 5 in ($1,355)
One-of-each Suite ($3,575)


Call or contact us for quotes on glass plate mounting of these standard or larger film target sizes.

1-888-801-6626 (Toll-free)

These are very high resolution B&W silver halide film targets for verifying Resolution, MTF or SFR, tonescale and white balance of digital cameras and scanners. They are especially popular for verifying image quality for copy stand film or glass plate digitization using digital cameras. They are available in standard 35mm, 6 cm (120), and 4" x 5" formats. Features include:
  • Slanted edge SFR features
  • Focusing aids
  • Diagonal geometric distortion line
  • Machine vision aids
  • Dimensional scales
  • Visual resolution aid
  • Spectrally neutral gray scales

Comes with free evaluation software downloaded here.

Free MScan (Windows) software is available in our Software section.