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SKU: OL1 Object-Level Target Family

Object-Level Target Family
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  • SKU: OL1 Object-Level Target Family

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0.5X Target:
4-5/8" x 5/8" x 3/32"
(117.5 mm x 16 mm x 2.4 mm)
1X Target:
9-1/4" x 1" x 3/32"
(23.5 x 2.54 x 0.24 cm)
2X Target:
18-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 3/32"
(470 mm x 44.5 x 2.4 mm)

These targets are designed to fit discreetly alongside objects being digitized without adding significant image data and is intended to enable image digitization quality control and workflow monitoring.

O1x and 0.5x Case

  • Sheet-metal mounted, this target provides a means to measure sampling rate (dpi), resolution, color, tone, noise and color channel misregistration. Compliant with existing ISO standard's protocols when measured using GoldenThread.
  • It has the identical 18 color patches of the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker®, plus 12 unique spectrally neutral gray patches to better track high dynamic range tones often encountered in many collections
  • All patches are annotated with their L*a*b* values so, if in the future, doubt arises about the color genealogy of the object, and the target is included in the image, the user has a clear path back to the colors and tones of the original object. One can also quickly check the annotated L*a*b* values of the target against those provided by commercial image editing software
  • There are also vertical and horizontal slanted edge targets near the center to calculate the spatial frequency response (SFR) along with bar-type wedge features to quickly judge spatial resolution visually (200-850 dpi) or compare against software calculated results
  • Metric- and English-based rulers are provided to confirm sampling rate
Object-Level Target Kit with Hard Cover Bi-fold Case:

This kit includes one each of all three sizes of the object level targets and comes with a brass hinged hard cover case (2-1/2" x 20" x 3/4" when closed ) with neodymium magnetic latches. The targets are held in place with gentle finger holds allowing easy target removal when needed. Any color as long as it is black.

These targets are also available from our distributor Digital Transitions: