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SKU: CGMAKIT ColorGauge MicroAnalyzer Kit

ColorGauge MicroAnalyzer Kit
Purchase ColorGauge MicroAnalyzer Kit
  • SKU: CGMAKIT ColorGauge MicroAnalyzer Kit

  • $700.00


The ColorGauge Micro Analysis kit includes two 30-patch color targets (ColorGauge Micro Target and ColorGauge Nano Target) and analysis software. These targets are intended for extremely small field-of-view applications where color accuracy is required. The colors are identical to those used in the GoldenThread system. Data extracted from the targets includes:
  • Opto-Electronic Conversion Function (OECF)
  • CIELab transformations to L*a*b* using sRGB, Adobe RGB,ProPhoto and ECI color spaces
  • Delta E 1976, 1994, 2000
  • Raw digital values (RGB)
  • Noise and neutral balance for all neutral patches

Target sizes are: 1 5/8" x 1 3/8" (ColorGauge Micro) and 11/16" x 13/16" (ColorGauge Nano)

Please review these documents for more information: