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SKU: MLG Munsell Linear Grayscale

Munsell Linear Grayscale
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  • SKU: MLG Munsell Linear Grayscale

  • $175.00


This semi-gloss Grayscale represents the perceptually uniform tone distribution (L* or Value) as described in the CIE L*A*B* color model or the Munsell Color System. It is designed to help establish proper exposure and tonal response for increased accuracy.

Each step represents a specific L* lightness value that directly corresponds to the readouts of hardware and software that support L*a*b* readouts. Combined with a an L* based working space and L* based display calibration users can enjoy a truly use neutral (scene referred) imaging environment. Additional documentation can be found in our resources section.

  • L* Range 5 to 95 with equally spaced CIE L*a*b* L* or Munsell Value steps
  • Two gloss black patches (approx. 3.5 L*) for extended dynamic range
  • Measurement Scale (mm)
  • Spectrally Neutral
  • Dimensions 10" X 1.25"