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SKU: GTT19264 GoldenThread FADGI 19264 Target

GoldenThread FADGI 19264 Target
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  • SKU: GTT19264 GoldenThread FADGI 19264 Target

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This is a major improvement to the original V1 target. It is now fully compliant with ISO 19264. With 168 color patches made from Munsell and Natural Color System paints it enables imaging capture performance measurment of the original metrics with the addition of ISO based distortion and lighting uniformity measurements. A very good ICC color profile can now be built from the color date also.
The Mechanics
  • Size : 9" x 12" (22.86 cm. x 30.48 cm.)
  • 1 mm tempered steel plate
  • QR code and OCR Serial #
  • Machine vision detect features
  • Metric/Inch H/V Dimensional Scales
  • Canson semi-gloss paper veneer
  • Sub-surface color inserts
  • Flush mount SFR features
  • Standard Alpha/numeric ( row/column) patch annotations for CGATS format description
  • Profile Ready:168 unique color patches suitable for creating ICC color profiles
  • (Profile with 168-X colors, test with X colors)
  • Munsell Colors - 16 Gloss gray scale patches and 18 matte Color Checker Classic chroma legacy patches
  • NCS colors – Semi-gloss with highly populated parchment color content (+a*, +b* region)
  • QR coded & serialized with unique color reference file pre-measured for each target
  • Option to customize with user selected colors
L* Scales
Linear L* patches
  • Spectrally neutral
  • L*=95 to L*=10, ΔL*=5
Linear L* gradient
  • Δ distance = ΔL*
  • Tick locators
  • Useful for smoothness
  • transitions
  • 5 SFR and visual resolution features
  • Horizontal and vertical features
  • Center and 4 corners
  • Central focusing aid feature
Lighting uniformity
  • 18% gray backgroundt
Geometric Distortion
  • Uniformly spaced dots for measuring ISO full-field geometric distortion
  • Uniformly spaced dots for measuring ISO full-field color geometric distortion
White, Gray, and Black vertical and horizontal bars
  • Used for measuring streaking, banding and frequency patterns