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  • SKU: GTSFT GoldenTouch

  • $3,200.00


Automatic full-scale tone and white balance correction software with dark or light background cropping. For use when GoldenThread software indicates digitization is out of spec and correction is necessary. Object Level Target information is utilized to correct digitized file.

Achieving accurate tone and white balance over an images full dynamic range with non-standardized adjustment sliders can be difficult at best. GoldenTouch uses our certified GoldenThread targets to make benign, do-no-harm tone and white balance corrections to user selected aim points. GoldenTouch is also useful for automatically creating derivative images from master image files. It will also auto-crop images with uncluttered backgrounds. This is a single price purchase. No click charges apply

Features are:

  • Full scale tone, white balance, and color correction
  • Uses ISA's Device and Object level GoldenThread for certified corrections
  • Bundled GUI and command-line versions
  • MetaData preservation with optional dpi correction
  • 16/16, 16/8, and 8/8 bit supported processing
  • TIFF and JPEG supported formats
  • Batch folder processing with or w/o operator intervention
  • Perfect for creating derivatives from master files
  • Black or white background cropping with user selectable crop margins
  • Proven 95-98% success rates