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We designed GoldenThread as a tool to communicate image quality standards within the digital archiving industry. Our goal is to eliminate waste, subquality products, frustration and strained partnerships caused by the current maze of image quality specifications.

Collection Owners

Specifying the use of GoldenThread with your suppliers and using it to verify compliance of the received product will ensure that your collections are properly preserved for future use. Don’t get stuck with a collection of digital images that are out of focus, noisy or off color. We provide a method to quantify your specifications and communicate them clearly to your suppliers.

Service Providers

GoldenThread reduces the ambiguity of the quoting process by explicitly communicating image quality specifications. With GoldenThread, you'll reduce cost and rework by ensuring that the job is done right the first time. Just as important, GoldenThread is used for quality control throughout the production process. At the end of a job, you’ll be able to prove 100% compliance to your customer specifications.

Device Manufacturers

Accurately assessing your system components for Spatial Frequency Response, noise and OECF will allow you to fit the cost of your product to the needs of the customer. You will be able to demonstrate that a customer’s image quality performance specifications are achievable with your equipment. You’ll reduce time spent on customer assistance, align your products more accurately to customer needs and your customers will be confident that your equipment is up to the task.