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Our products are designed to provide the best system for the highest number of customers. For situations that require extra attention, we are ready to provide on-site or remote assistance. There are a number of ways to contact us, including attending one of our informational interactive Webinars.

Image Quality Guardian Services


Many users accept the emerging methods for measuring and assessing digital image quality. However, they are reluctant to adopt them because they haven’t the experience, confidence, or time and resources to adequately insure a useful outcome. Still others are required to adopt these methods, but remain uncertain about how to interpret the results.

We bring more than a decade of experience in cultural heritage image quality and have a large imaging performance database for device comparisons, qualifying us to be independent guardians of your financial investment.

Scanner/Camera Acceptance Testing – Before you sign off on that expensive and complex scanning device, be sure that it is performing as expected. We work with you to create a comprehensive acceptance test plan and evaluation process, which we perform, to insure your image quality expectations are met. We act on your behalf with your vendor to achieve a mutual and economic delivery agreement. We get involved

Periodic Image Quality Monitoring and Audits - Any number of imaging inconsistencies can creep, unnoticed into your digitizing workflows, or those of your service provider. From incorrect exposure selections to inappropriate image processing choices, we know how these changes manifest themselves in image quality metrics. When used with the GoldenThread imaging tools, we can design an image quality program for you that will allow us to track, report, and in many cases diagnose and fix such behaviours for a more consistent imaging product. We do more than measurements; we find solutions for your imaging challenges.

Image Quality Specifications – Given the wide range of materials to be imaged and the many possible use cases of digitized images, it is a daunting task to determine just how the scan specifications should be constructed. Let us help you bring our experience to your project by:

  • Creating air-tight job requirements for more accurate, cost-effective quoting
  • Setting up conformance testing to ensure specifications are met
  • Installing quality control protocols on your production floor

Custom Target Generation

Some jobs are so unique that off-the-shelf targets just don’t work. Our experience in reflective and transmissive materials, along with extensive contacts in the industry, means we can get your job done to the highest standards.

Image Science Consulting

We see fundamental image science as getting back to our roots. We’re always interested in algorithm development, new metrics, image quality performance and basic research. Our team will assist any way we can.