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Manufacturers—with GoldenThread, your customers will be confident that your equipment is up to the task.


Our Company Image Science Associates, LLC (ISA) was founded by Don Williams in 2006 after a career at Kodak interfacing with the digital image archiving industry. Since founding ISA, his mission has been to educate the industry on the protocols, tools and best practices used to evaluate digital image quality.

His success in evangelizing was demonstrated by one industry insider who said, “Our agencies don’t always talk to each other, but everyone talks to Don Williams.” ISA’s involvement with the archiving industry since our inception allows us to ensure conformance and best practices throughout the industry.

Our team of imaging scientists and engineers specializes in integrating image quality targets and analysis software into a cohesive package. We’ve leveraged decades of cumulative experience in a wide range of imaging applications to develop the most useful and usable tools available.They are at your disposal during our semimonthly informational Webinars.

Our customers are represented throughout the industry—from library collection owners and university digital labs such as Cornell University to system manufacturers such as Kirtas Technologies.

ISA’s standing as an industry leader means you have a capable partner who truly understands and can deliver.

What Can ISA Do For Me?
What Can ISA
Do for Me?
Eliminate waste, subquality products, frustration and strained partnerships caused by the current maze of image quality specifications.

The Benefits of ISA

Don Williams
Don Williams
“Our agencies don’t always talk to each other, but everyone talks to Don Williams.” See why.

Meet Don Williams

Consulting & Custom Projects
Consulting & Custom Projects
Our products are designed to provide the best system for the highest number of customers. When extra attention is required, we can provide on-site or remote assistance. We are always interested in unique image applications that require custom targets and analysis.

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