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3D Multi-Directional Capture Requires 3D Targets and Software

Image Science Associates is on the forefront of 3D targets. Our scientists will design and build custom solutions for your 3D camera calibration needs. Whether you are capturing with multiple cameras or using a multi-capture array, we can provide the targets and software you require and scientific knowledge to enable your success in 3D capture.

Practical Multispectral Lighting Reproduction

ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Technical Papers

Our ColorGauge target has been used to enable a practical technique to accurately reproduce real-world illumination environments without spectrally distinct illuminants in the scene. Using high-dynamic range panoramic photography and a custom set of Image Science Associates ColorGauge charts, scientists at USC Institute for Creative Technologies have proven this method. For more details please visit the USC Institute for Creative Technologies website.

Custom Qube

Custom Qube

Our Custom Qube target is made using only Munsell papers. The target is shown here with our ColorGauge Target Micro-sized (about 1/2" square). Other sizes are available. We can help meet your custom 3D target needs. Contact us for more information.

​ISA targets are made with high quality Munsell paper to alleviate metamer mismatching, which is when two colors match under one light source (such as daylight) and do not match under another light source (such as fluorescent light). Other target manufacturers use ink-jet, photographic, or electro-photographic-generated colorants, which cause metamer mismatching and make accurate color reproduction difficult. Imaging Science Associates only uses high quality Munsell paper, sourced directly from Xrite.

Spherical Long Wave Gray target

Spherical Long Wave Gray

Our Spherical Long Wave Gray target is made with a partner's proprietary material that is almost completely Lambertian, which means it looks the same no matter which angle of viewing. The material is spectrally neutral from 370nm to 1100 nm. Creating 3D targets with this material enables highly sensitive processes such as calibration of spectrophotometers. At the moment we've worked with pure white, black and a 20% gray level. We're hoping to add more levels of gray in the near future.

Calibrating your 3D capture device does not need to be difficult or complex. We can assist in person, via video-chat, or over the phone to be sure that your project is a success. We will design and manufacture custom solutions for your 3D imaging needs. ​