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The Most Digitized Targets in The World

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Medical and Scientific

Scientific Applications

In a crime scene, investigation photos are often captured for review. To ensure correct exposure and color balance, ISA offers a unique fluorescent target: our Target-UV and UV-Gray Card. Our product was developed and patented by UVInnovations℠ for accurate and repeatable imaging of UVA-induced visible fluorescence. Our scientific fluorescent target, Target-UV and UV-Gray Card is the only target on the market that has been tested by more than a dozen museums and collection institutions from all over the world.

Target-UV and UV-Gray Card

Target-UV and UV-Gray Card

The Target-UV and UV-Gray Card includes four different levels of fluorescence intensity, enabling accurate capture of a wide range of objects. Levels accurately captured include "ultra" such as paper with optical brightening agents, fluorescent dyes, "high" such as naturally fluorescent materials like minerals and uranium glass, and "low" such as conservation documentation, thin applications of resins, varnishes, pigments.

ColorBuild Targets


Our Create Your Own ColorBuild targets have removable patches and come in sizes ranging from 3.5" x 2.5" to 13" x 9.25". We offer the world's only flexible target template that comes pre-populated with standard sets of popular colorants (ColorChecker or Artist Paint colors) or as an unpopulated template. It allows the user to create and edit a professional-looking color target palette with their own unique or specialized materials. Perfect for development environments where rapid, spontaneous color testing is required.

Custom-sized targets are available. Please contact us for more information.

Medical Applications

ColorGauge Pico target next to teeth

ColorGauge Pico

The smallest accurate target in the world, the ColorGauge Pico, is appropriate for dental work as it is approximately the size of a tooth (12/32” high x 7/16” wide, 0.95 cm x 1.11 cm). Dental photography requires a small field of view, which necessitates using an appropriately-sized target for accurate color rendering. Getting the colors perfect in dental work is of the utmost importance. Imaging Science Associates is interested in helping you obtain accurate color no matter how small your field of view.

ColorGauge target with skin tones

ColorGauge Micro

Our suite of mini targets, ColorGauge Micro and ColorGauge Nano, are appropriate for use in dermatological settings where accurate color reproduction of skin conditions is necessary. Small target sizes range from 0.95 cm to 3.5 cm or larger.

Custom targets are available. Contact us for more information.

ISA targets are made with high quality Munsell paper to alleviate metamer mismatching, which is when two colors match under one light source (such as daylight) and do not match under another light source (such as fluorescent light). Other target manufacturers use ink-jet, photographic, or electro-photographic-generated colorants, which cause metamer mismatching and make accurate color reproduction difficult. Imaging Science Associates only uses high quality Munsell paper, sourced directly from Xrite.